Chocolate Tea | Chocolate chai - How to make with step by step photos - Taste of chai

Chocolate Tea | Chocolate chai - How to make with step by step photos - Taste of chai Tea - Made with Assam Black Tea And Natural Premium Chocolate Blended Tea.

The flavor of chocolate tea with our assortment of chocolate tea powder from deliciously rich aroma and taste.

Tea and chocolate are a match made in heaven. To get the best experience it's important to pair them well. Some tea flavors match the sweetness of pure milk chocolate perfectly.

The taste of chai chocolate tea is 100% Natural Tea

The flavonoids present in chocolate tea have been associated with heart health. These compounds are known to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the heart and brain, supporting overall cardiovascular health.

Chocolate tea or chocolate chai Tea Warm beverage for cold day. They are perfect when served hot with a crunchy snack.

100% Pure Ingredients - No Added Flavors, No Artificial Essences, No Preservatives, No Oils and No Added Aromas.

We source 100 % natural ingredients from the most authentic growers and vendors. We do 100 % natural blending to keep intact the rich aroma, taste, and goodness of herbs and tea Powder.


Chocolate Tea powder– 2 tsp

Water – 1 cup or 1 glass [100ml, small]

Milk [boiled] – 100 Ml cup 

Sugar – 4 tsp



Boil water in a pot then add tea powder.

Add sugar mix well.

Add milk & let it boil.

Then drain & pour it into a serving glass,

Serve hot with any fritters.

How to make chocolate tea step by step photos

Add 1 glass of water, boil

Add tea 2 ( tbsp )

Add 4 sugar 4 ( tbsp )

Add One Glass Milk

Let it Boil 

Let it Boil 2nd Time

Now it ready

Cut off heat


Hot chocolate ready to serve immediately

Chocolate chai - Chocolate tea

Chocolate flavoured tea

Chocolate tea powder 

chocolate tea powder









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