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Chai” is actually the Hindi word for “tea”, which was derived from “cha”, the Chinese word for “tea”. In this case, the Hindi term chai means a mix of spices steeped into a tea-like beverage. ... The spiced tea mixture is typically brewed strong with milk and sweetened with sugar or honey. Taste of chai introduce Chai - the Indian way of drinking tea Best instant Teas Premix Blended By Organic Flavour Ingredients Add Taste And Aroma Is Simply Better Health. The difference of flavor of Chai Milk Premixed Powder, Black Tea Flavour Instant Teas, Green Tea Flavour Instant Teas, Coffee Flavour Instant Teas, Herbal Tea's, And Immunity Health Benefits Teas We Provide More Better For Best Quality Flavour Taste Of Tea's. Checkout our Range of Instant teas at best prices.